How Preschool Prepares Kids For Kindergarten

12 December 2016
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If your child is going to be starting kindergarten next year, you might want to keep him or her home for as long as possible before then. However, if you have not yet thought about enrolling your little one in preschool before kindergarten, it is something that you might want to think about. Preschool can actually be great for preparing kids for kindergarten; these are a few reasons why.

Ease Them Into Being Away from Home

If your child is usually at home all day, such as with you or a babysitter or nanny, getting used to being away from home all day can be pretty challenging. If your child starts with preschool, however, he or she can start out with a shorter program during the day. This can slowly adjust your son or daughter to being away from home during the day, so kindergarten won't be as much of a change.

Get Your Child Used to Listening to Others

If your child is only accustomed to listening to instructions from you and a few other select adults in his or her life, there could be problems when he or she is expected to listen to a teacher and other school administrators. Going to preschool and working with a preschool teacher can help your child get ready for this, however.

Help Your Child Start Building Social Skills

The truth is that many kids don't have many social skills when they enter kindergarten. They might only be used to being around adults for the most part, or they may only interact with their siblings or smaller children from daycare. In preschool, however, your child will get to meet children that are the same age and can begin learning how to play and interact with others, which will be a very valuable skill in kindergarten.

Improve Chances of Getting Accepted into a Kindergarten Program

Are you planning on sending your child to a private school? If so, your little one might have to go through an application process before he or she can be considered for the program. By sending your child to a preschool like Family Ties Child Center, you can help improve the chances of approval in certain prestigious programs.

As you can see, preschool can be a wonderful thing for preparing children for kindergarten. If you are looking toward sending your child to kindergarten next year, now might be the time to start preparing by looking for a good preschool program.