Tips For Hosting Your Own Book Club For Women That's Fun And Educational

19 August 2019
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Would you like to start your own book club for women, but just don't know where to begin? Perhaps you've been to book clubs that were kind of monotonous and you're longing for something different. Starting a book club that's fun and educational is easy when you follow a few basic tips.

Meet monthly

Meeting once a month at a specific time is best and  is easier for people to fit into their schedules. For instance, you could meet the second Tuesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:30 in the evening. Monthly meetings give members adequate time to complete the selected book reading for the month.

Have a meeting plan

You may wish to keep the first 30 minutes free for sharing snacks, drinking tea, or mingling and catching up with one another before you jump into a discussion about the book. Use the remaining hour for book discussion and announcing what book you will read for the next month. Try to keep the meeting on topic and moving forward so you can finish up at the selected time.

Alternate fiction and non-fiction books

Banish book club boredom by selecting a fiction book one month and a non-fiction book the next. This will keep your book club interesting. The fiction books can be enjoyed simply for pleasure and you and your members will grow and learn together by reading non-fiction books.

Choose a yearly theme  

Selecting a theme to follow for a year is a fun way to keep members coming back. For instance, you could plan a historical theme for your non-fiction books and choose historical non-fiction books about women for the topic. This would allow you to study and learn about six historical women over the course of the year.

For your fiction books, you could choose a specific writer and read six of her books over the course of the year. Another option is to choose a specific genre, such as mystery, romance, or Amish fiction and read from a variety of authors.

Optional tips for fun

If desired, encourage your members to dress the part by wearing a piece of clothing that relates to the book and the time period it was written. You can also plan the snacks, drinks, and decorations around the book's theme for additional fun.

Hosting a great book club doesn't have to be overwhelming. Once you set your meeting time and make a plan, you can begin choosing your fiction and non-fiction books. You and your members will get to read at least a dozen great books in a year, and you will learn and grow together while enjoying an evening out each month.

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