Looking For The Best Gift For The Novel Enthusiest In Your Life? Try These 3 Options

26 February 2020
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Trying to shop for a book lover can be very difficult, especially if they already own most of the books that they like. Instead, you have to search for something that they wouldn't expect you to get, which may require you to do some research.

Find out what their favorite book is or the book that got them hooked on reading. Then search for any of these things and surprise them with one or both.

First Edition Copy

In the writing and print world, the first editions of the book are sacred and giving someone a first edition copy of a book they love or a book in a genre they enjoy reading is like giving the person a piece of history. A first edition of classics like Pride and Prejudice or Huckleberry Finn would work perfectly.

Search for a classic first edition novel and set a budget. If you order online, be sure that you verify the authenticity of the book. Contact a company that sells products like a Pale Blue Dot first-edition signed copy for more information.

Author Signed Book

Getting an author's signature on a book that the gift receiver loves is a personal gift. If the author has passed and you can find a book that was signed, this will cost more money, but it will be a gift that not everyone can have or get. This may take a lot of effort, but it will be worth the effort when you see the expression on the receiver's face.

Book Auction Tickets

Book auctions aren't common but they do happen, and they can be a great way for someone to see how valuable the books you're looking for are. If you have a museum or library in your area that has an event like this, get tickets and enjoy a night out.

It can be hard to get a book for someone that has all the reading material they need — this is especially true if you don't know what books they have or haven't read. Take the time to remember, ask, or snoop around to find out what their favorite novel is or what author they admire the most.

There are a lot of different things that you will have to do some research on, and it will cost you some money, but these are all gifts that they will be able to enjoy and remember for a lifetime. Start researching and shopping today to find the perfect gift.