Thinking Of Becoming Christian? Here's How Personal Christian Testimony Books Can Help You Decide

4 September 2020
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Are you considering becoming a Christian? Whether you have been raised in a Christian family or you are just exploring the religion for the first time, here are a few ways a personal Christian testimony book can help you make a decision:

You'll Get Different Perspectives

Reading a personal Christian testimony book can provide you with different perspectives than you currently have now. For example, you may have read the entire Bible yourself and interpreted it in your own way. And you might know how your family members and friends interpret the word of God. However, you get to choose whether to subscribe to others' beliefs and whether to associate yourself with individuals in your life based on religious beliefs.

Reading a personal Christian testimony book will allow you to gain insight that is unbiased and maybe even different than those who you surround yourself with. What will be different from the experiences you're having now is that you won't be emotionally attached to the experiences you are reading. Therefore, you are likely to be more open to the testimonies you read that were the experiences of strangers more than you are to those you are emotionally attached to.

You'll Gain New Understandings

Reading a personal Christian testimony book can help you gain new understandings of the Bible that you may not have ever anticipated before. Thoughts about what certain passages mean, how to interpret particular pages, and when to chalk things up as conspiracies are just a few things you might be able to piece together when reading a book about Christian beliefs and philosophy that you aren't emotionally attached to.

You can decide whether something resonates with you. If you can't correlate information you read with your own beliefs, you can simply throw that new information away. But if you do resonate with the message you're reading, you can grow from it and become a better person when all is said and done.

You'll Get a Glimpse of the Possibilities

Even if you don't agree with everything you read in a personal Christian testimony book, you can gain a glimpse of all the possibilities that could be when living your life as a Christian. You might not believe in certain philosophies or thoughts now, but as you grow and age, you may decide that the possibilities you wrote off earlier are something that you want to look further into. But if you don't even know about the possibilities, you won't know what you are missing now or in the future.