4 Ways To Use Comic Books With Home Schooling

14 July 2022
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While comic books may not be a part of a regular school's curriculum, parents who home-school their children can find a lot of benefits and educational tools with comic books. Independent comic books come in a wide range of styles and subjects. When you build up a big collection, you have the opportunity to teach children different subjects and enhance their education.

Learn some of the unique ways to use independent comic books with home school lessons and foster several connections between comics and education.

1. Reading Lessons

Comic books offer easy ways for children to learn how to read. With minimal text, a child can feel accomplished when they complete a whole comic book on their own. The detailed pictures and designs found in an original comic book also offer a lot of visual connections to the words they read.

For older children, the context of the text becomes important as well. You can showcase how comics use different narration to showcase perspectives. You could have a child compare the dialogue between characters.

Some comics may also feature bi-lingual characters and allow your child to pick up on different languages and cultures. Small little tidbits can help build a foundation of reading skills.

2. History Lessons

Even with fictional characters, a comic book may showcase some advanced history lessons. For example, a comic could feature characters involved with real-life events like wars, space travel, or international incidents. Use the plots as a springboard for more learning and education.

A child can read through a comic and then separate fact from fiction with some of the true-life events. Shop for independent comic books that take on the historical lessons and teach children through drawings and dialogue.

3. Science Lessons

Many comic books focus on the wide world of superheroes. Superheroes have a lot of connections through science. Science may explain powers or certain technology used by the characters. Read through comics to see how to apply certain science lessons to characters.

For example, if a superhero has the powers of a frog, then you could do a science lesson on frogs, their long tongues, and their evolution from a tadpole. Just one comic book issue can bring up a lot of science topics.

4. Art Styles & Design Lessons

Comic books feature a wide range of art styles and designs. Flip through various comics and teach a child how certain elements get drawn, what materials are used, and how to duplicate the art. You could find comics with digital prints, all sketched pages, or fully colored artwork. Independent releases have a wide range of styles that can showcase unique designs.

The more you dive deep into the world of comics, the more ways you will discover to use the comics with your home school lessons.