Teaching Health Consciousness: Using Breadfruit-Based Rice Substitute In Classroom Cooking Demonstrations

10 July 2023
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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the urgency to promote health consciousness and sustainable dietary habits among younger generations is growing. This article guides educators on how to use a unique, healthy, and sustainable food item—breadfruit-based rice substitute—in classroom cooking demonstrations to encourage health consciousness. A New Player in Sustainable Diets: Breadfruit Originally from the Pacific Islands, breadfruit is a remarkable plant. It not only thrives in a variety of soil types but also requires less water and care compared to other staple crops, making it a sustainability superhero. Read More 

4 Ways To Use Comic Books With Home Schooling

14 July 2022
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While comic books may not be a part of a regular school's curriculum, parents who home-school their children can find a lot of benefits and educational tools with comic books. Independent comic books come in a wide range of styles and subjects. When you build up a big collection, you have the opportunity to teach children different subjects and enhance their education. Learn some of the unique ways to use independent comic books with home school lessons and foster several connections between comics and education. Read More 

What Can You Learn From An Adventure Memoir?

19 October 2021
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The number of adventures that people can have is nearly endless. Some people have adventurous jobs, while others travel to faraway places. Adventure autobiographies give people the chance to tell the story of their adventures to readers all around the world. Here are four things you can learn about when you pick up an adventure memoir: 1. Unusual Jobs Most people work for a living, but some jobs are rarer and more unusual than others. Read More 

Why You Should Read Books About Balancing Goals and Life

1 October 2020
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You might have a lot of goals that you want to achieve, and you might already have a fulfilling and happy life. However, even if this is true, you might want to check out a few books about balancing goals and life, if you haven't already. This can also be a good idea if you have been having difficulty achieving your goals or if you feel that you're struggling to balance your goals and your life. Read More 

Thinking Of Becoming Christian? Here’s How Personal Christian Testimony Books Can Help You Decide

4 September 2020
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Are you considering becoming a Christian? Whether you have been raised in a Christian family or you are just exploring the religion for the first time, here are a few ways a personal Christian testimony book can help you make a decision: You'll Get Different Perspectives Reading a personal Christian testimony book can provide you with different perspectives than you currently have now. For example, you may have read the entire Bible yourself and interpreted it in your own way. Read More