2 Ways To Make Math Even More Fun For Children

13 December 2017
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If you're a math teacher, you may have a love for math and everything that relates to it, especially numbers. However, some of your students might not have such a passion for it. If they're struggling to understand how to do math properly, they might be discouraged and struggling a bit. As a teacher, you want to encourage your students and make the learning experience fun. There are a few different ways to make math even more interesting and exciting for the children. Read More 

Tools And Activities To Use In Your Classroom To Teach Children About Conflict Resolution

23 January 2017
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Conflict resolution is now a primary component in core education in many classroom settings and is by all rights an important topic for children to become familiar with because it teaches young and growing minds how to resolve conflict in healthy ways. However, learning how to resolve conflict merely from a teacher or adult telling them how it is done is not always the easiest thing for a child to do. Read More